Email is easy…if you want it to be. Simplify before you get complicated

Accurate monitoring, no guess work and faster insights make an email marketing strategy greater than anything else!
Think this! More than 90% of people use smartphones to check emails versus 75% using it for Social Networking. Everybody knows a bit of using emails – opening, reading, replying and this itself is more than sufficient to track valuable leads.

Best Company Email Marketing

Keeping your subscribers posted, response analytics, reduce cost and many more with Email Marketing

Proven proficiency with 30+ leading tools, Email Marketing solutions and services at Branding2Win segment thousands of recipients into target groups based on previous sales, send tailored emails to all and retrieve substantial tracking insights.

Not converting enough email readers to customers?

Email Marketing Solutions

Implementing a simpler Email Marketing strategy

Choose a plan based on Subscriber count, No of emails, Segmentation, Sign up Forms and more.
Template Designing
  • Carving intuitive email templates inculcating apt use of pictures, hyperlinks, text formats, banners and many more objects
  • Campaign Management

    – Outlining campaign objective, targeted user group, track response

  • Campaign Automation

    – Scheduled trigger of campaigns as and when you want them to

  • Contact Management

    – Upload contacts and get automated update on bounce rates and unsubscribes

There’s more to the result focused email marketing solutions and services with us.

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