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Brand Management in 2018: Grow in the competitive sphere

As per Pam Moore, 5 to 7 brand impressions are required to attest a lasting impact in user’s mind. As one of the oldest marketing practices, branding has outreached everything else and cemented its influence across devices. While 2017 introduced us to the interference of emerging technologies in marketing, 2018 will witness large scale adoption of techniques and experiments.

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Build an email list and send a weekly email newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing and building a brand. Its efficacy was never in doubt and the message is delivered straight into the inbox of the intended recipient. If you happen to choose the mail subject well, the recipient is bound to open the same and voila, the biggest hurdle in conveying your message across is crossed.                                                                                                                                                                                            Owlmetrics owner Deep Patel is of the opinion, “It’s a list that you can market future ventures to, which is exactly how I announced my newest startup. I am able to put myself in front of an active audience every week, driving awareness to content I published, which helps strengthen my personal brand.”

Personal branding campaign on Facebook

Facebook, the biggest social network, is an amazing goldmine for marketers/ brand owners owing to its sheer size. It is in fact, a great way to put your brand across who’s who of business. You can easily project your brand competing larger businesses with whom you wish to do business in the near future.

“Facebook presents you with the ability to put yourself in front of the exact audience you want to attract. I suggest that everyone starts a public page in order to have a personal brand on the platform that is separate from your personal profile,” says Dean Steadman, CEO of Dignity Bio Labs.

Post informative, long-form content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn – the employment oriented social platform, isn’t only for searching new jobs. It can prove to be a wonderful platform for building your brand awareness. Create well researched, long form posts about your area of expertise and post them regularly on LinkedIn. The users would come to know about your knowledge about the topic in question and would like to follow you for more.

Make it a point to engage with your readers and respond to their comments promptly. Immanuel Debeer of Flight Hacks says, “Rather than just repurpose content, commit to writing some long-form content exclusively for your LinkedIn profile. By turning comments into conversations, you engage with your audience and establish yourself as an authority.”

Twitter chat participation

Interesting conversations are happening on Twitter at any given point of time. Besides that, there are set schedules for Twitter chats on specific topics. Why not participate in such chats and conversations and pitch in with your valuable comments! If you have something unique to offer, people would love to follow you, thereby giving a big boost to your brand image.

“Twitter chats were immensely popular years ago and have started to become popular one again, which I attribute to the recent increased interest in the new 280-character limit. The easiest way to find relevant Twitter chats to participate in is by following the most influential people in your industry,” says David Baddeley, director of



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