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7 reasons Why Content Marketing Is Growing And Ruling

Digital Marketing in the modern industry is entirely fueled by quality content floated across channels and thus reaching an unpredictable section of readers (turned customers).  Beyond the hugely infamous trend of posting more content, quality has taken the lead and requires a strategic outlook at targeting the right areas. No matter what revenue scale your business has touched Content Marketing rules!

Here’s why Content is the king!

Massive Reduction in Bounce Rate

The rate at which readers immediately leave the website after visiting any one page is a scary number for most digital marketing experts. After several rounds of doing this and doing that, it is the high quality content that resolved the complexity. Engaging content compels the reader to stay longer and explore more insights.

Hugely improved search engine rankings

Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines across geographies and languages have confirmed dropping the rankings for websites with poor content. As a major shift from the hugely criticized trend when more content meant more visibility, quality rules today and drives higher rankings for potential websites. Relevant, corrective and informative are the key parameters to go in complete sync with search engine algorithms.

Better, much better Domain value

High quality content will steadily add more value to the relevance and trust factor of your website. This increased domain authority has a direct impact on the search rankings. Better the domain value, sooner you appear on user’s query. Thus, crisp content plus a domain that hints the service of your organization is amore than smart move.

More relevant visitors

A thousand random visitors at your site versus a few hundred readers who understand what you sell! The latter is more relevant, will take less time to enquire and thus convert into a customer. Website content wasting no time and hitting the right chords will capture reader’s interest and keep him engaged for long. Also, relevant traffic makes it easier for the CRM users to filter out potential leads.

Enhanced brand reputation

Reading has a lasting impact and productive reading could build a respectable brand impression amongst thousands of readers. While a new customer could be expected out of excellent brand reputation, existing customers tend to stay committed for long and become loyal. Just the appropriate use of words and information could land you amongst the most relevant customers.

Referral Visitors

Guest posting on different portals provides direct access to the pre built readers base. It’s like advertising through a stall in a trade fair that has an extensive foot-fall, way more than your individual store. Digitally, it has a better reach and is more profitable. Articles and blogs liked at such public portals will earn you more visitors referred by the current readers of the portal. However, to the point and engaging content is the bet here as well.

Last and not least, it is mobile friendly

A blog can be instantly accessed on a phone but a banner may not necessarily appear on every search and screen. This is why written content has a mass appeal. Add to it many apps that allow users to bookmark blogs for later reading.

What you have earned?

Beyond visitors, rankings and points, a business depends upon the ROI generated out of any new strategy. Falling on the same lines, smartly executed Content Marketing could generate more leads that are easier to capture as long time customers. Small and Medium scale businesses have reported a shocking fall in sales by 60% when they stopped blogging.

The best part of writing useful content – multiple targets aimed and achieved!

Stay tuned and learn more!



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