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7 reasons Why Content Marketing Is Growing And Ruling

Digital Marketing in the modern industry is entirely fueled by quality content floated across channels and thus reaching an unpredictable section of readers (turned customers).  Beyond the hugely infamous trend of posting more content, quality has taken the lead and requires a strategic outlook at targeting the right areas. No matter what revenue scale your […]

How Shall I Spend My Funding Raised From ICOs? A Quick Glance

Initial Coin Offerings raised billions of dollars for start-ups in 2017, more instantly than what IPOs do for big enterprises. These are pretty interesting times and we are witnessing some terrific trends like the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that provide big boost to cryptocurrency startups as well as established enterprises. Though somewhat unregulated and controversial, […]

Brand Management in 2018: Grow in the competitive sphere

As per Pam Moore, 5 to 7 brand impressions are required to attest a lasting impact in user’s mind. As one of the oldest marketing practices, branding has outreached everything else and cemented its influence across devices. While 2017 introduced us to the interference of emerging technologies in marketing, 2018 will witness large scale adoption […]

What Exactly is Influencer Marketing? – Get your basics right

Ever wondered how much power an individual with a huge social media following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat or any other such platform, wields? Known as influencers, such social enthusiasts are already helping brands (major and minor) in cementing an unbeatable stature in the market. Seems interesting? Then read on. Influencers are the crop of […]

Struggling with Lead Generation in SEO? Here’s a quick help

Search Engine Optimization, if done right could convert your website into a lead generation mine. And why not, the initial purpose of having SEO norms in place was to divert valuable traffic to deserving websites. SEO, along with high quality content has leading the pack when marketing strategies are curated, no matter what the scale […]

Content Marketing – What we learnt in 2017

From the days when advertisers had complete control over the type of content we could access to the end user controlling the content flow, the times have changed a lot. The year 2017 was a phenomenal one with respect to content marketing trends. The advertisers no longer rule the roost and the customer is truly […]

Keyword research can conquer the search engines for you! 7 ways

Content is king! It arrests qualified traffic to business information and potentially converts them into customers. But what brings that qualified traffic to your website? Perhaps the least talked about tools, keywords are the smallest component of your digital marketing structure. Not less than magical phrases, they could make or break your business based on […]

Is your business prepared for Content Marketing? 7 signs it isn’t

Most and especially small scale businesses may not have capitalized upon the hugely anticipated verticals of Content publishing and marketing. The reason could be many that directly hint at their unpreparedness for the transforming trends. Writing and throwing a blog in the ocean called web shows how primitive your perception towards the market is. Content […]

7 tips to boost conversion rate through PPC

The beauty of PPC campaigning rests with the outmost flexibility you have to analyze the performance. Right from going selective about the plan you opt, to duration, visibility metrics and cost, Pay Per Click campaigning is steadily leading the digital marketing portfolio next to organic search. However, with instant access to all scales of businesses, […]

5 ways content could flip the game for underperforming sales team

The toughest job in the world is at the receiving end every time. While a successful customer win is duly credited to the marketing, product developers and the sales, any failure is arrowed at the sales reps entirely. A lot has been talked about the real time challenges and the solutions ranged from better communication […]