7 tips to boost conversion rate through PPC

The beauty of PPC campaigning rests with the outmost flexibility you have to analyze the performance. Right from going selective about the plan you opt, to duration, visibility metrics and cost, Pay Per Click campaigning is steadily leading the digital marketing portfolio next to organic search.

However, with instant access to all scales of businesses, there’s more to it than firing a campaign only.
Here’s what you could follow to capture maximum benefits out of PPC campaigning.

Prioritize the customer from step 1.

Don’t advertise everything and anything through PPC ads. Have a definite goal targeting a certain group. Follow a user’s perspective and steadily track back to step 1.

This will allure users that the campaign was meant for them and that the brand could be the best pick for the services they need.

The shortlisted keywords should align perfectly with the business needs and the ads will fuel more conversions. This is because you had boiled down from everything to what actually is searched upon.

Start with smaller campaigns

And proceed steadily. Begin with keywords of highest frequency and design campaigns of smaller scope. With lower risk factor, you’ll have the advantage of testing different keywords and campaign titles and ultimately zero upon the best combination.

Expectations out of PPC are always tempting. Don’t make a waste out of haste.

Optimize your Landing Pages

Usually, landing pages record sooner exit rates if not made user friendly and visited through PPC ads. Every click counts and this is your ultimate opportunity to arrest a user’s interest.

Publish highly readable yet informative, use appropriate fonts, ensure a swift UX and strategically placed CTA’s.

Shift focus from product features to how users could benefit from. Also, fine tune a balance between too long and too short page lengths, something that syncs with your brand essence.

Make optimal use of Search Query Reports

All leading PPC hosts offer analytical reporting about the campaign performance. Many businesses tend to ignore it. Search reports provide deep insights about how every component in the ad campaign performed. You could ask for data pertaining to a particular region and time zone.

You can easily segment the traffic data to your website for a broader evaluation of your efforts.

Capitalize upon ‘Dayparting’ and Geological settings

These are perhaps the game changing features to hit Bull’s eye. Dayparting allows use to switch on or off the campaign during a particular time or interval. Subsequently, Geological settings help run a campaign for a specific region.

Such tools narrow down your hunt for a targeted group and invite relevant visitors only. Streamlined effort adds up to a much better conversion rate in the end.

Try Call Only Campaigns, they work

Landing pages are the riskiest part of a conversion cycle. A page layout/design of reader’s interest can only be guessed while all can’t be convinced. Thus, a few yet significant number of readers may exit the page with incomplete purchase sessions. As an alternative, Call only campaigns could be used to discount on the time invested in browsing through the page.

Call only campaigns allows the users to call the service directly from the ad. While only interested users contact your business, the negated extra effort contributes to the conversion rate.

Perform A/B Tests appropriately

Based on your campaigns scope and ROI expected, A/B tests may either be needed to be executed again and again or they may be required to terminate beyond a point.

When performed for longer duration, test runs built confusion with no clear gains. It is wise to decide upon the maximum possible gain anticipated so far.

At the same time, you should not hesitate to perform multiple runs and be entirely satisfied. Test every element. Accuracy at the smallest level contributes towards accurate conversion rate figures.

Bonus Tip: Advertise discounts, offers and other lucrative deals

PPC campaigns are perhaps the best mediums to advertise your seasonal offers. Firstly, the banner gets a default catchy design to attract more visitors. Secondly, discounts have a great record in converting leads. Inculcating both, nicely publish the tagline without telling away everything about the offer on the ad itself (since the idea is to compel a use to click the ad).

You may include anything, coupon codes, discounts or festive announcements. Such advertisements have a huge positive impact and are effective in luring more visits. Keep the message brief and anticipating. High conversions are guaranteed.

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