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Struggling with Lead Generation in SEO? Here’s a quick help

Search Engine Optimization, if done right could convert your website into a lead generation mine. And why not, the initial purpose of having SEO norms in place was to divert valuable traffic to deserving websites. SEO, along with high quality content has leading the pack when marketing strategies are curated, no matter what the scale and context of the business is.

SEO provides a big boost to your website’s search engine performance for the keywords of your choice. Subsequently, content searchers using the same keyword flock to your site and thus boosting the overall organic traffic. Not to miss, if they seek what they were looking for, they’ll make a purchase or seek services from you.

SEO Leads – Some important statistics

  • As per Imforza.com 70% of visitors ignore search ads
  • AdBlocker usage rose by as much as 30% in the year 2017
  • Around one-fifth of mobile searches lead to purchase within 24 hours
  • Around four-fifths of mobile searches result in offline purchase

Here are some tips to help you achieve your targets:

Create an SEO Strategy

There are some important tasks that you need to perform as a part of building a sound SEO Strategy, which include

  • Develop a deep understanding about your audience
  • Define whether you want your visitors to sign-up for email, free trial or downloads a lead magnet such as a broucher
  • What keywords you are going to target. Make sure you strike a balance between competition and search volumes vis-à-vis the keywords you choose.

Audit your existing content for SEO purpose

Search engine ranking factors keep on getting updated. Webmasters may know about any such update only when their websites experience wild fluctuations (positive or negative) in web traffic and by then it is probably too late. In this context, you need to keep performing audit of your existing content to stay relevant for search engine spiders. You may not like to stay behind your competitors.

Make sure that search engine spiders are crawling your site

  • Fix any broken link
  • There ought not be any redirect chains
  • Fix duplicate or missing page titles
  • Optimize your content for local SEO

Optimize your content (new as well as existing) for SEO

  • Optimize the web page title by keeping its length short and including the target keyword early
  • Use search snippets / meta description wisely to include maximum possible information
  • Keyword usage: Make sure you use long tail keywords to target exact searches and if needed, rewrite your content

There’s a lot that can be done to improve SEO for your website. Place your cards right and capture high quality leads while ballooning your client base with each passing day.

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