Keyword research can conquer the search engines for you! 7 ways

Content is king! It arrests qualified traffic to business information and potentially converts them into customers. But what brings that qualified traffic to your website?

Perhaps the least talked about tools, keywords are the smallest component of your digital marketing structure. Not less than magical phrases, they could make or break your business based on how you capitalize upon them. While debates about paid searches taking over have started, experts have it – ‘it’s early to overlook organic traffic, too early’.

As an enthusiastic service provider, you ought to stay intact to keyword research, for they would acknowledge back with the following benefits.

Higher rankings in organic search

Everything begins here! The idea of using keywords in content laid the foundation of Search engine Marketing and stays unbeatable even today. Strategic placing of keywords in content can cause dramatic fluctuation in your rankings. Use appropriate keywords especially in root domain names, page titles, URL and even anchor texts. Also, this is the most cost effective tool in digital marketing. The need to adapt paid searches arises when your organic strategy isn’t working. Work on it!

Though paid search results have gained momentum, more than 75% of searchers still go for organic results than PPC campaigns.

They help discover new business ideas

Broaden your research a step further and you may encounter new keywords hinting at potential business opportunities. For example, one of our clients dealt with mobile accessories. We were working on expected keyword shortlisting such as ‘mobile covers’, ‘best mobile covers’ etc. However, drilling more we discovered tremendous searches for ‘mobile leather covers’. The business wasn’t dealing with the product but ventured into it soon and generated huge sales.

Leaving room for some more researching in your plan will definitely unearth new ideas. Try different combinations and track their performances.

High volume traffic

The most traditional yet effective metric is the use of frequently used keywords. After so many trends setting in, using most popular searched keywords still garners tremendous traffic to the site; which in turn fuels your online presence dramatically. However, such keywords have to be stapled with relevant content, appropriate density and the quality of traffic received.

The competition is cut throat and capturing high volumes of traffic stays a challenge. It’s too early to overlook high frequency keywords. Keep intact your traditional know how and inculcate all popular keywords.


Better engagement with readers

Since keywords attract high volumes, it eventually concluded to way better connectivity with readers. Hubspot confirmed businesses that blog and take it seriously experienced a record 95% hike in inbound links and 50% more visitors to their websites. Blogging is a lucrative medium to address user queries and boost engagement with readers. Again, appropriate selection of keywords is the game changing metric here.

Helps bridge language gaps

The web has an indefinite reach and a business’ native language hardly covers every culture. This deprives them from potential users who are looking out for similar services as they but can’t really reach due to language differences. While releasing your product and services in every language isn’t a solution, keywords can help.

Keyword research can lead you to relative searches conducted in different languages. According to your geographic reach, you could think of expanding your services to the selective yet most convenient foreign lands. At least the valuable insights could be used to publish digital / traditional advertising content in a different language, thus reach more people.

Understand what’s your competition is up to

Everyone’s out and transparent over the web! While Google has been trying to keep a check on blatant copying of content (and succeeded though), it is hard for competitors to entirely hide their marketing strategy and be the silent player. While there’s no direct way of deriving what your competitor is upto, keywords could lead you to insightful information.

Just a simple search can lead you to the businesses with the same keywords as you. Think about the dedicated tools that are capable of retrieving near to accurate information about businesses playing around with keywords.

They help achieve better website experience

Firstly, keywords are a great reference source to improve information in the content and even add new pages for potential exclusive services. Fine tuning your website content is a continuous exercise and directly thrives according to the feedback from keyword research.

Secondly, keywords could be aptly used to navigate to other pages. Keywords as hyperlinks in the landing pages can route to more detailed content; may be another page, whitepapers, case studies etc.

This cuts down on extended browsing time invested in fetching valuable information. Readers actually prefer being walked through than manual scanning.

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