5 reasons ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ can storm traffic to your website

Don’t you hate your blog posts not loading swiftly over mobile phones? A lot has been discussed about how important a mobile friendly website is. But how exactly do we pull it off? You have had a website that displays accurately on mobile phones and tablets. What’s next?

After achieving that exclusive display size for different screens, it’s time to focus on loading them quickly; and it directly impacts your digital marketing response – content, traffic, conversions, analytics everything. ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ has the game set going for mobile marketing.

It reduces exit rates, almost kills them forever

Nothing is more inspiring than faster loading. Browsers locking horns with lethargic loading and moving to something else until the first screen opens is something AMP heals forever. It loads your post in a flash and perfectly responds to user’s scrolling. The result is – more valuable time spent and a drastically low bounce rate. What else are you dreaming of?

It’s one more (effective) reason to generate revenue over mobile

So here’s the deadlock earlier – Mobile ads generated revenue for publishers but burdened the site to load sluggishly and ultimately poor UX. Without them, pages loaded fine but publishers lost added revenue.

Accelerated Mobile Pages help monetize your site. As stated by the team behind project AMP – “It provides support for a comprehensive range of ad formats, ad networks and technologies in Accelerated Mobile Pages.” That is – you could publish ads without bandwidth issues and still let the reader focus on reading. Best of both ends fine tuned, nicely and accurately!

AMP does Analytics too! As good as Google Analytics

AMP discounts on added effort invested into tracking the happenings over the page. From Unique versus Repeated clicks, new visitors and subscribers, time spent, conversions etc., everything gets recorded and reported exclusively as asked for.

All types of social interactions and age view details get evaluated. Add to it the seamless integration with all leading Analytics platform (Yes Google Analytics covered), one more reason to use it now!

Enhanced visibility to the reader and thus the publisher

Posts powered by AMP appear separately with green symbol in the list. While the awareness for AMP is increasingly covering the common reader, they are already going selective with ‘Green’ marked pages to read since they load faster. It will take some more time for AMP to become too common, thus it’s the best time for you to plunge before every other post is ‘Green’.

Higher search rankings are directly influenced!

AMP has all the backing from Google

Google (and other search engines too) have confirmed a dramatic rise in search rankings for AMP pages. This has been done to encourage better user experience and do away with loading issues forever.

Also, the split-test becomes way too easier for AMP pages. The site owners are acknowledge with the display errors you had always wanted and many more.

Still not convinced? Go live without AMP and Google will remind you to adapt AMP soon. There’s already an official message floating around. You ought to since Google said so.

Get AMPed now!